How Much Does Truck Driving School Cost?

When you're thinking about enrolling in a truck driver training program, you may be wondering how much it costs. The truck driving school cost will vary from state to state, and by the organization offering the training program. You might complete your training at a trade school or vocational college, through a company-sponsored program, or through a private training center. Some schools offer scholarships and financial aid options for students who might not be able to cover the costs of the training program on their own. If you're completing training through a company-paid program, you probably will not have to pay anything except for some textbooks and supplies.

Truck Driving School Cost Breakdown

The cost of truck driving school can be anywhere from $2,900 to $4,000+ depending on the school. Tuition costs typically cover classroom training, hands-on training, exam fees, equipment, and insurance. You can request a complete cost breakdown from each school to compare programs and determine which training program you can realistically afford. Keep in mind that some schools do offer payment plans and discounts for eligible students.

Paying for Truck Driving School

Most schools will accept check and credit card payments, as well as third-party financing payments and loans. If you can't afford to pay for truck driver school with a credit card or with cash, you may be able to apply for a personal loan through your bank or pursue financial aid options directly with your school. Keep in mind that only a select number of schools offer any type of financial aid or scholarships. You may need to look at schools that are further away from home if you can't afford a school in your town or city.

Since truck driving training programs are usually less than a year in length, moving away is a reasonable idea for many students. You could also look for companies that sponsor students to complete their training at a designated training center, or apply for an apprenticeship program.

Paid CDL Training Programs

Several companies sponsor students to complete their training through a paid CDL or apprenticeship program. This can help to offset the costs of going to truck driving school and make it easier for you to achieve your career goals. On-the-job truck driver training programs train students to become professional drivers at no cost to the student if they stay for at least one year. These programs also include guaranteed pay and will prepare the student for the Class A CDL exam. In many cases, this can equate to savings of up to $4,000 or more.

If you do enter an agreement to complete a paid CDL training program, make sure that you are aware of all the terms and conditions of your apprenticeship and know how long you will need to work with the company in order to avoid owing the company money. Some schools will charge you a fee if you don't complete the program or don't end up staying for at least one year. Still, many students find that this is simply a better fit for their situation and do enjoy working for the company after completing their training program.