Trucking Companies

When you've finished your truck driver training program and are ready to secure a job in the field, you'll need to find truck driving companies that offer the best opportunities, salary, and benefits. While some trucking companies offer their own training programs or sponsor students to attend a particular training school, others are looking to hire students who have successfully completed a training program at any school. Companies that hire truck drivers include the U.S. Army, global gas companies, local transportation companies, and freight carriers. Some companies only hire independent contractors who offer services on a part-time, full-time, or as-needed basis. Others have full-time positions for licensed drivers.

Leading Truck Driving Companies in the United States

From logistics companies to moving companies, you can find a variety of organizations and global companies looking for experienced and well-trained truck drivers. These companies may hire seasonally or accept applications for various positions throughout the year. Take some time to review available job openings, requirements, and salary information so that you can find a company that is aligned with your career goals.

Some of the most well-known trucking companies in the United States include:

  • United States Postal Service
  • Pinnacle Freight Lines
  • Blair Logistics, Inc.
  • Trimac Transportation
  • Napa Transportation
  • AmeriGas Propane
  • Autumn Transport, Inc.
  • Old Dominion Freight
  • Perkins Logistics
  • Knight Transportation
  • Nestle Transportation Company
  • KMK Enterprises
  • Liquid Transport Corporation
  • Northern Gas Transport
  • Genesis Express
  • Transforce
  • Waste Management
  • DRM Companies

Preparing for a Career with a Trucking Company

While some companies that hire truck drivers only require candidates to have some basic knowledge about the trucking industry and have completed a formal training program, others require candidates to complete a company-sponsored training program at a designated training center. If you are interested in working with a specific company throughout your trucking career, consider inquiring about these types of paid training programs. Company-sponsored programs will include training for a specific type of truck and will fully prepare you to fulfill job duties as a truck driver for that company. You might learn some advanced skills and get special training in all areas of the trucking business.

If you want to work for just any employer and keep your options open, you can complete a truck driver training course at a vocational college or community college in your area. These programs are usually much shorter than a typical degree program and will prepare you for the CDL examination. You can also take advance training courses or complete a "fast track" program through a private training center to prepare for a career as a truck driver.

All truck driving companies want to hire individuals who have successfully completed classroom and behind-the-wheel training, and also completed necessary courses in truck safety protocol and road safety. You will need to have a spotless driving record before you can apply for a Commercial Driver's License (CDL), and also maintain a clean driving record throughout your training program and while employed as a truck driver. Failure to maintain a clean driving record could lead to termination and also make it difficult for you to apply for truck driving jobs in the future.